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Certified: ThetaHealer┬« | Reiki Master | Yoga Teacher (500hr) | Samassati Color Light Practitioner| Crystal Reader    

About Kymberly

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Welcome, I am Kymberly! It's an honor to connect with you. Incase you didn't already know this about meI am a highly sensitive being that is learning to embrace my gifts on a day to day basis

Most days  you will find me with my head in the clouds, connecting to my spiritual family and asking all kinds of questions and trying to make sense of everything and everyone while praying for my loved ones, friends, and strangers around the World. During the night, my dreams are amazing! I also travel through space and time connecting to "Wisdom" and connecting to the Divine, my spiritual family, departed loved ones, Councils, and  Keepers of the Light who teach me what I need to know in order to share with the World. 

What I have noticed lately is, that as my gifts and connection grow stronger, I find that I am drawn to continuously learn and educate myself about my discoveries related to my own Intuitive sensitivities, Divine Energy,  and Intuition as a whole. I believe, my quest for knowledge and understanding of my gifts is the driving force that motivates me to explore the unknown wisdom and beauty that surrounds us.

As of the past few years, I  feel compelled to study and comprehend the meaning and techniques to all that makes others and myself whole, and balanced.  What I have discovered along the way is, that it is my purpose, to share what I have studied, learned, witnessed, and experienced, practically, intellectually, spiritually, and energetically speaking. 

So you know, the journey has been exciting, inspiring, and miraculous at times,  but also confusing, overwhelming, and lonely. However, I have grown exponentially throughout the years, specifically spiritually, energetically, and morally. Therefore, I now have a deep innate passion for sharing my gifts with love and compassion.

My journey has many chapters as do yours and a new one has just begun for me..so I have "heard" (from my guides). I hope you follow me as I grow and expand my awareness. I will share my knowledge as I learn. I will share my energy as I am guided. I will share my gifts with all those who are ready to receive and it will always come from my heart. I am ready! Are you?

Education, Certifications, and  Training

  • B.S. Information Studies & Communications from F.S.U      2005             
  • Reiki Master Teacher- Certified                                                 2007-present
  • Yoga Teacher (500hr RYT)  -Certified                                       2010-present
  • Samassati Advanced Color Light Practitioner-Certified           2015-present
  • Basic DNA ThetaHealer┬« - Certified                                       2017-present
  • Crystal Reader- Certified                                                            2017-present
  • Intuitive Development                                                                2005-present
  • Meditation                                                                                   2000-present
  • Sacred Wisdom                                                                           2015-present
  • Crystal Guardians & Gatekeepers                                              2015-present
  • Photographer                                                                               1990- present

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