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Love Opens All

with Kymberly

Certified: ThetaHealer® | Reiki Master | Yoga Teacher (500hr) | Samassati Color Light Practitioner| Crystal Reader    

My Blog

My Blog


Posted on 6 May, 2015 at 16:45

Which one are you currently playing out on a daily basis? Do you go through the motions every day? Getting your to do list checked off one by one. Running around and completing your so called priorities. Are you including yourself on this priority list? Moving along yet feeling like you’re not getting anywhere.? Feeling tired, exhausted, overwhelmed, possibly bored. Then tomorrow comes and your back to the same thing, different day mentality, with no light at the end of the tunnel? Maybe there’s nothing you feel is worth looking forward to anymore. Filling your days with things and stuff. Well, that sounds like you’re merely existing to me. Existing doesn't sound fun or fulfilling at all. It actually sounds pretty sad and mundane.

I believe we all have the right to start living and not existing. Its our attitude and outlook on things that can make the difference. We are in control of our own lives and our thoughts. You’re the only one who chooses to exist or to live. Change your negative thought patterns with positive ones. It’s that simple, yet we struggle to make the shift within ourselves daily. This is normal, though so don't beat yourself up for not making an instant change. Understand that it does take some of us longer than others to change our thought patterns. The key is to recognize your existing and that you want to begin living. Once you make the choice it will get easier with time and practice.

Look at things to do today as things you “want” to do not “have” or “should” do. Yes, we have priorities to take care of, so ignoring them is not the answer or what I am suggesting. But include yourself on the priority list. Make time for things that bring you joy, peace, love, fun, and happiness. Take time to meet a friend for coffee or lunch every once in awhile. Go to the gym to exercise, practice yoga, or meditation to keep you feeling good and grounded a couple times a week. Walk on the beach and/or listen to music. Whatever it is you love to do, make time for it, and do something for yourself without feeling guilty about it. No excuses, make time for yourself. Learn to enjoy everything your doing when you are doing it. Stay present in the moment as often as possible. This all takes time and practice, especially if you feel guilty for giving yourself a time out to Breathe. Know that you deserve this time, however short or long that time is. Enjoy it! Enjoy finding what brings you Joy again. When you’re living and not existing anymore, life will look and feel beautiful again. You will look forward to noticing miracles small and large throughout your day. Learn to Live, for you deserve this beautiful Gift.


I am Learning to Live, one breath at a time.


Categories: Inspirational

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