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Love Opens All

with Kymberly

Certified: ThetaHealer® | Reiki Master | Yoga Teacher (500hr) | Samassati Color Light Practitioner| Crystal Reader    

My Blog

My Blog

What if You were the Creator of All that is?

Posted on 27 May, 2016 at 10:00

What if You were Creator of All that is?



Would You feel Limitless and Free to choose your own Path?


What would You choose, if all that you could Imagine was in the palm of your hands?


What would you do with this Power?




What If I told you, you Are the Creator of Your own Reality?


Would you choose another Path?


What would you do with this Knowledge?




What if I told you, you are indeed the Creator of it All?


Would you Believe that you are in fact making your own choices?


What would you do with this Wisdom?



Are You a Believer of Your Self?


Are you a Believer of Your Power?


Are you a Believer of Your Knowledge?


Are you a Believer of Your Wisdom?


Are you a Believer of Your Truth?


Are you a Believer that You Create your own Reality with every Thought, Word, and Action?


If you Accept that you are the Creator of your Own Reality and


If you choose to continue...Allow your Intuition to Guide you.


If and when you are guided...Affirm any or all of the following that resonates with you at this time, as theTruth and Affirm it from your Loving Open Heart.

I Accept that I Create my Own Reality


I Accept that I have Free Will to make my own choices


I Accept that change happens when I choose


I Accept that I choose to Create from my Heart and with Love


I Accept that I have the Power to choose what I create


I Accept that I am Safe to Create my own Reality


I Accept that I am Wise enough to Create Positive outcomes in my Life


I Accept that I am Powerful and able to Create without hesitation



Always...Allow your Intuition to Guide you.


Add or change any Affirmations as your Guided, for your highest good at this time.




Embrace Your Creations,






LOVE NOTE #1: These approaches are only suggestions for you to Explore. Explore if and only if they feel right to you. My prayer is that you can begin to Discover and "Awaken Your Truth Within."


LOVE NOTE #2: If anyone you know randomly popped up in your mind when reading any part of this newsletter, please take a minute to 'share the love ' (this newsletter) with them, so they may benefit from the Guidance and Healing Energy. Try not to over analyze your thoughts and share if you are guided.


LOVE NOTE #3: Remember to Stay in Gratitude and Say Thank you with an Open Heart to the Divine, the Universe, ALL layers of Your Body, Your Higher Self, and Anything or Anyone that you feel Guided to thank for Assisting you on your Healing Journey.


Categories: Inspirational, Healing, Newsletters~ LoveLetters

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