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Love Opens All

with Kymberly

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My Blog

My Blog

Signs from Above

Posted on 1 April, 2016 at 0:25

So I wrote this prayer...

"Dear Lord, 

I thank you for today and every other day that has passed me by. Why am I so reluctant to surrender to your Glory? I know you are Almighty and all Loving but yet my heart is fearful of letting go. What am I holding on to my Lord? Why do I keep my heart so guarded against your Love and your Truth? You are so patient with me and I humbly ask you not to give up on me. I thank you for your Glory. Amen"

Then a few minutes later I randomly checked by Instagram account and notice a new follower. The follower happened to have my Maiden name so I clicked to see who it was. It turned out to be a private account and only had a saying written in Spanish...

"Dios no es parte de mi vida el es toda mi existencia."

I wasn't completely sure what it translated to so I googled it . Then, as I started to type the Spanish words in one box, the next box which was being translated simultaneously to English said ...GOD!!! What?! GOD? I just wrote a prayer a few minutes ago to the Lord! I was Freaked out, Amazed, Felt Blessed and Got chills all at the same time. What was happening, I thought. Seriously, read this translation...


"Dios no es parte de mi vida el es toda mi existencia."

"God is not part of my Life he is my whole Existence."


As I sat in disbelief that my prayer was possibly just answered with a sign about God, I received text messages from 2 very different people that I know. Guess what...these are the only 2 people who have recently told me  "I don't know if I Believe in GOD."

Well, I don't know about you, but to write a prayer to the Lord and then a few minutes later notice a random message about God, to me is beyond Amazing and feels like a little miracle. I pray we all notice the signs more often.


Categories: Prayer, Inspirational