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Dear Heart of Mine

Posted on July 27, 2017 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (6)

Dear Heart of mine, please give me a message;

You are not broken
You are Strong
You are loved

Listen to my beat
Listen to my rhythm
Listen, I am your heart and I love you... unconditional

You are beautiful
You are amazing
You are gifted beyond compare
I love you

Be kind to your body
Be kind with your mind
Allow your thoughts to be pure
Allow your heart to guide you

Listen with your heart
I am your heart
I love you


Posted on July 27, 2017 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (1)


OM is more than a Universal Sound, more than a sensation and vibration that permeates and penetrates the mind, body, spirit and soul.

OM is indescribable and untranslatable, yet Intuitively nurturing and comforting to the soul. It is everything and nothingness encompassed into one. Limitless and boundless and expansive beyond space and time. It is a Blessings. It is a Gift. It is a Prayer. All coexisting as one.

OM is "THE KEY" to All that is... ONENESS.

A Divine Vibration that Awakens Remembrance of the Soul. A spark that ignites the Light within.

OM is the beginning without end. It transcends all comprehension and exists without restrictions. It is Oneness without measure, devoid of translation.

OM is you, OM is me. OM is AUM. AUM is OM and so it is.

Say it! Sense it! Feel it! OOOOOOOOMMMMMMMmmmmmm




Great Times to Smudge, Cleans, and Clear Space and Self

Posted on June 8, 2017 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)


TIP: Set your Calendar Reminders for dates that you want to smudge or cleanse your space.

Summer Solstice (First day of Summer) June 21, 2017

New Moon- Next on is, June 23, 2017

Full Moon- Next one is,  July 9, 2017

Fall Equinox (First day of Fall) September 22, 2017

Winter Solstice (First day of Winter) December 21, 2017 

Spring Equinox (First Day of Spring)

On or around these dates are great times to smudge your home, office, car, sacred space, studios, crystals, yoga mats and more. You can smudge with Sage, Essential oils, Cedarwood, Palo Santo, or anything you are guided to use. It is okay if you don't have these items on hand or are not drawn to use them. You can simply clean these areas of dust, dirt, and clutter in order to help cleanse and clear the energy in the space. These times are also great for scheduling energy healing sessions and massages help you re-energize and balance yourself. Remember that walking outside and spending time in nature is FREE and can also help rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul, during these time, or on a daily basis.

The photo above shows some of the tools that I personally use for cleansing, clearing, and blessing my environment and sacred space. I sometimes use a white sage stick, shell to place sage in, feather to fan sage around the space and fluff up the energy. I use sand in a glass jar to extinguish the sage once I am done. Make sure you have something safe to put your sage out in, otherwise you might smoke your whole house up like I did. If you make this mistake once, you will most likely never do it again.

Other times, I use an essential oil spray made of Sage, Cedarwood, or Palo Santo to smudge and clear spaces. The essential oils are more pleasant smelling than smoke for some. I don't always prefer to smudge with sage sticks before company arrives. The smoke tends to linger and  is not always pleasant for people with allergies and sensitive noses.

While smudging or clearing your space, keep an Intention in mind. For example, while smudging or cleaning, perhaps think to yourself or repeat "My intention is to cleanse and clear any old, stagnant, and negative energy from this space and fill it with positive energy and Divine white light." Whatever comes to mind will work. Do not over think it.

Infinite Blessings, 

Kymberly Wostbrock


Happy Memorial Day

Posted on May 18, 2017 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (0)

This coming Memorial day on May 29, 2017, I am remembering those who have died serving our beautiful country while in the Armed Force. I also pray for those currently serving our country and are willing to lay down their lives for their loved ones, strangers, and country. May God Bless them All.

Many Blessings,